My name is Aaron Polevoi and I am a senior who will be graduating in May here at WSU with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and a minor in sport management.

Sports have always been a big part of my life, whether I be playing or watching, and I want to spend my career working in some aspect of sports communication. Ideally, I’d like to work as a sports reporter at a TV news station OR as a beat writer for a newspaper covering a professional or collegiate team.

I feel that I have taken the appropriate steps to attain that goal once I graduate. Last summer I lived in Orlando, Florida, and was a journalism intern for the Florida Collegiate Summer League. Living in Orlando was an incredible experience and getting to spend everyday at the ballpark writing feature stories and game recaps made it the best summer of my life. I also have a strong interest in sports broadcasting; for the past seven semesters I have been a part of the KUGR Sports Broadcasting department here on campus, broadcasting Cougar football, men’s and women’s basketball, and baseball games. In March I will be going to Las Vegas with KUGR to cover the Pac-12 men’s basketball tournament, which I’m really excited for.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much international experience. With the exception of Canada, I haven’t left the United States. I don’t even have a passport! (My enhanced drivers license gets me through the Canadian border and back). Travelling is a passion of mine (I’ve been to 20 states), but I just haven’t have that opportunity to go overseas yet. Since I want to work as a sports reporter or anchor, I don’t see much international opportunity either since the majority of sports I’m interested in take place in the United States. However, it would be an incredible opportunity if I got to cover the Summer or Winter Olympic Games one year, so that’s something I might strive for.

My personal portfolio with samples of my reporting, broadcasting, and writing can be found here.

I’m looking forward to this semester in Sport Management 379 since sports media and communication is exactly what I’m planning on doing for a career.


My Expectations for this Course

Overall, I’m looking forward to Sport Management 379. I think because sport and mass media go hand in hand, the lessons we learn in this course will be extremely valuable as we graduate and start our careers as sport managers. Personally, I don’t see myself as a sport manager since I am only obtaining a minor in sport management, but with my major being broadcast journalism it is very easy to see how the units in this class will pertain to me as a journalist.

I consider myself somewhat tech savvy so hopefully nothing in this course will be too difficult when it comes to blog posting and video editing. I think this course will teach me a lot of worthwhile information that will benefit me down the road further in my career.