Kevin Vallene is Chasing the Dream

Kevin Vallene is a lifelong Seattle Mariners fan. Through the thick and the thin of an 162 game season, Vallene can often be spotted wearing Mariner apparel as he represents his hometown team with pride. Perhaps one of the reasons he wants to play-by-play sports broadcaster is because of the late Dave Niehaus, the Hall-of-Famer who left his mark on the city with great calls such as “The Double” in 1995.

I have known Kevin for nearly three years since he joined KUGR Radio during his freshman year while I was a sophomore. Throughout these years, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Kevin doing play-by-play for a variety of Cougar athletics. I recently had the chance to catch up with Kevin as he shared to me (and the audience) more about KUGR and what other activities he is involved with at Washington State.

I enjoyed having the chance to sit down and interview Kevin. I thought this assignment was very practical for to do as I am a Journalism & Media Production major so using cameras and conducting interviews are what I am comfortable with. We filmed this in the Cleveland Hall studio as it provided us with a camera already to use and great space.

In total we were able to film the interview within 75 minutes during what would have been class time on a Thursday, but we had class off to work on this video. It took about 30-40 minutes just to set up the cameras and get the angles that we wanted to have; that itself was an extremely tedious step. It then took us another 30-40 minutes or so to conduct the interview (myself, Kevin, and third partner Eddie Chavez) and export all files from the three cameras that we used.

To be perfectly honest, editing was the easiest step of this assignment for me, probably because of my background editing video. I used Avid Media Composer in the labs in Murrow because I feel more comfortable with that software. I thought syncing up the three separate videos and audio would be difficult, but surprisingly it was not hard to do at all.  In terms of B-roll, I was able to drop by Kevin’s weekly KUGR show “DFA’d” and got some footage of him at the soundboard to add to my video.


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